World Cold Shower Day

The numerous health benefits of taking cold showers is gaining more and more recognition. As Wim „The Iceman“ Hof says „A cold shower a day, keeps the doctor away“.

But what about the environmental impact?

How would you like to help save enough water to fill 7546 Olympic swimming pools & as much gas as the North Sea’s largest Gas field produces in 462 Days?

All you have to do is take part in World cold shower Day on the 16th of February.

During my workshops I list the money I saved during my first year of Wim Hof Method practice as one of the benefits. I always get a laugh. But I really did actually save a lot of money. My gas bill was €600 less than the year before!

Obviously that was great news for my bank Balance. But those Euros are actually directly translatable to my environmental impact. I used 657m3 of gas less in 2016 than I did in 2015. That’s a lot of money.

What about the water?

The average shower is 8 minutes long and uses 65 liters of water and costs you about €2(shock horror!).

Cold showers tend to be much shorter than hot showers. If you spend just 2 minutes under the shower you’ll use just 16 liters of water. That’s a whopping 49 liters less going down the plug hole every day or 17885 liters a year.

So in 2016, I reduced my water and gas usage by:

657m3 of Gas

17885 Litres of Water

Those are pretty impressive numbers.

I’m not asking you to never have a warm shower again. If just half the population of this planet went just one day without a hot shower, the impact would be HUGE!

So in 1 day, half the population of the world going without a hot shower could reduce water and gas usage by:

6 930 000 000 m3 of Gas

188 000 000 000 litres of Water

That’s enough water to 7546 Olympic size swimming pools!

That’s as much gas as the North Sea’s largest producing gas field, produces in 462 Days(worth Billions of dollars).

All you have to do is shower cold instead of hot on the 16th of February!

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