Fundamentals of life

What are the fundamentals of life? Food, Water, House, Money, Family, Love?

Many of you may agree. Maybe you have something else to add. Gratitute, purpose, philanthropy. All important, all great, I agree.

The fundamentals of life though, in my opinion are much simpler. There are three of them.

The first Fundamental of life is breath.


The first thing we do when we enter this world is breathe. The last thing we do when we leave this world is breathe. During every moment in between we breathe, whether awake or asleep. There’s nothing we do more than breathe.

Take a moment to consider this. There’s going to come a time when you breathe in, breathe out and never breathe in again. That will be your last breath. Take a moment to visualise it. Close your eyes, relax, watch your breath. Now take a breath and imagine it’s your last one. Enjoy it, savour it, appreciate it, be grateful for the countless breaths that have gone before it. Then let it go. Just let everything go.

How did that feel? Was it just a breath? Is a breath ever just a breath?

Breath is life.  Every breath. We should treasure each and every breathe. There’s nothing more important in our lives. Don’t believe me? Stop breathing for 10 minutes and go and do that thing that’s more important. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but breath?

Breath is life!

The second fundamental of life is sex


We can go just a few minutes without breath, but what about sex?

If we as a species as of this moment never had sex again, humankind would be extinct in little more than 100 years.

If breathing is the most important thing that we as individuals must do, sex is the most important for the human race as a species.  

It’s our most dominant instinct. Not just ours, but every species on this earth(especially rabbits & ginger headed blokes). It has to be. It’s that important.

Taking that into consideration, maybe we shouldn’t be getting so upset when our partners commit adultery. “It’s alright darling, I know it’s not your fault, it’s just mankind looking out for us again. The last thing we want is extinction. Remember what happened to the Dodos”.

Sex is life!

Putting the fundamentals together

Sex and breath

Breath is the key to our nervous system. With our breath we can change our state, both physical and mental. We can calm or excite ourselves, put ourselves into trance or get high. When we change the frequency of our breath, we can change the frequency of our hearts, we can change the frequency of our minds. Not just our own! With our breath we can change our own chemistry. 2 Atoms in, 3 Atoms out. Our breath touches the deepest parts of our minds, bodies and souls. What really leaves us. Who knows? but the fact that our breath turns into trees, kind of blows my mind. With breath we can manipulate our chemistry, and not just our own.

Most people have sex with their genitalia, their sexual organs. Wham bang, thank you mam.

Great lovers, they have sex with their souls. Two become one. Beautiful.

Combine the fundamentals of life however, combine breath and sex, that’s when the real magic happens. That’s when you become everything and nothing. Time ceases to exist, you are nothing, no consciousness, yet all consciousness, you are love,  you are life, you are the big bang, you are creation, you are everything.

All you have to do is breathe, have sex and BANG, just like that you are the universe! Easy peasy.

Once you know how to catch those waves, things get fancy. You don’t need to be in the same bed, bedroom, house, city, country or even continent. Vienna to Beijing it doesn’t matter, when your on that wave, your on it.


Until next time, keep breathing

From the heart


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P.P.S. I didn’t forget about the 3rd fundamental of life;)

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