Dr. Alex Koh

Dr. Alex Koh(CEng, PhD, MEng, MIET) is one of the worlds brightest engineers.

Alex’ PhD dissertation has saved countless lives, and will continue to save them for a long time going forward.  

Alex is incredibly smart, an amazing teacher, funny as hell and an all round great guy. I’m very privileged to be able to call Alex a good friend.

Alex and I have been helping each other out with our business projects the last couple of years. We’ve both been working on producing our own Podcasts. 2 Weeks ago Alex and I were testing out his podcast set up. We were just supposed to be doing a test recording. We got right into the flow though and couldn’t stop. The conversation went deep, really deep, really fast. So we just had to keep on going and hope that the set up was good.

I really opened up. The conversation was very intimate.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is that makes me tick, what all this mischief I’m up to is about, this is the place to start. Get listening!

We talk about burn out, back injury, death, my oil career, breathing, Wim Hof, the Wim Hof Method, fear, Donald Trump, education, parenting. Lots of good stuff!

To listen to Episode #1 of the “father with 3 jobs” podcast, click here.

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Until next time, keep breathing.



2 thoughts on “Dr. Alex Koh

  1. Thanks Scott for the Support! this really means alot! Your writting skills are so amazing too, there is a natural gravity flow when you write and speak. Thanks again pal!

    1. Scott Macdonald May 8, 2019 — 4:07 pm

      The mutual support we give each other is going to take us to level we can’t get to alone. Not fast anyway. Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy writing. Lets see where all the writing takes things.

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